The «European Parliament Ambassador School» project is an educational programme aimed at stimulating knowledge of Europe and European democracy among young people by providing them with an active knowledge of the European Union in general and of the European Parliament in particular.

It is an initiative by the European Parliament’s information office.

The objectives of the programme are:

Learn the opportunities and advantages offered by European citizenship.

Understand the role of the European Parliament in the European decision-making process.

Assess the importance of voting in parliamentary elections.

This programme, which aims at bringing the European Parliament closer to students and teachers by making them ambassadors of the seat of European democracy, involves:

Class work on the European Parliament based on a workbook provided by the European Parliament in the four co-official languages of the country, as well as in English and French.

Implementation of an infopoint on the European Parliament at the centre.

Organisation of activities related to Europe Day (9 May).

Centres that successfully complete the school year receive the European Parliament’s ambassadorial school plaque at a ceremony in Madrid. In addition, participating centres are invited to training meetings at the EP’s headquarters in Spain, as well as the possibility of participating in trips to Brussels and Strasbourg and of joining centres from other EU member states.