The quality of Colegio Árula is based on three pillars: The Project itself, the state-of-the-art facilities, and our absolute commitment.

Colegio Árula offers the Árula Project to its students at subsidised levels as a complement to the academic development of each educational stage. It consists of additional school hours per week, focused on assimilating languages, reinforcing core subjects, giving them the tools to develop their skills in the society in which they will live, and sports:

The English language has taken a prominent role in our curricula in its own right. Aware of the importance it has in today’s society, we are committed to quality education with outstanding results. We have native teachers, exchanges, study trips in the USA and Ireland, English language camps, and we are an examination centre for the University of Cambridge ESOL.
German, as a growing asset, is also part of our curricula since the age of 4. We have participated in several international gatherings and we have an exchange programme with a German school every year.
We offer theatre classes in English at the Infant stage, as a playful and innovative way of learning.
Learning with Lego, in Infants, for children to develop through games the skills necessary for learning.
The reinforcement in Spanish and Mathematics, taught by the teachers of the curricular subjects, favours the acquisition of skills and essential contents that the students will need throughout their academic career, with positive effects on their performance on other subjects.
Men sana in corpore sano: At Colegio Árula, sports is a priority activity. Swimming and water sports, racquet school, climbing, the competing teams we have… offer our students a quality opportunity for their physical development.

We believe in collaborative work, a model in which workers are involved for the common good and take an active part in the performance of the centre by doubling their efforts to offer the best service to students and families. Commitment, involvement, and effort are values that permeate our daily work, making human capital our greatest pride.

We offer complete and state-of-the-art facilities, several computer and audio-visual classrooms, workshops, laboratories and specific classrooms, digital blackboards and other computer and audio-visual equipment, psychomotor skills classrooms, the Counselling Department, a Family School, a complete range of extracurricular activities, the Music Academy, etc. We can guarantee that EDUCATIONAL QUALITY is our raison d’être, seeking excellence in all our daily activities and offering our students the best of ourselves.