Supporting from Below

Opening from Above

En una sociedad en la que el colegio tiene que competir con las consolas, internet, móviles, … tenemos un reto doble: apoyar a los que tienen más dificultades a la vez que abrir nuevos horizontes a todos los alumnos. En el Colegio Árula hemos asumido el reto de buscar la excelencia.

Opening from Above: We open up perspectives and offer possibilities for our students to have a quality education that takes them where they want to go.

Supporting from Below: We improve opportunities for everyone, and work to bring out the best in everyone.

In this way, educational quality becomes our main objective, guiding our actions and encouraging our work.


There are three pillars on which the quality of Colegio Árula is based: Additional educational offering, modern facilities, and our absolute commitment.

Further education takes the form of 5 additional school hours per week and is focused on languages, reinforcement for core subjects, and sports:

  • • The English language has taken a prominent role in our curricula in its own right. Aware of the importance it has in today’s society, we are committed to quality education with outstanding results. We have native teachers, exchanges, study trips in the USA, England, and Ireland, English language camps, and we are an examination centre for the University of Cambridge ESOL.
  • German , as a growing asset, is also part of our curricula since the age of 4. We have participated in several international gatherings and we have an exchange programme with a German school every year.
  • The reinforcement in Spanish and Mathematics, taught by the teachers of the curricular subjects, favours the acquisition of skills and essential contents that the students will need throughout their academic career, with positive effects on their performance on other subjects.
  • Anima sana in corpore sano: At Colegio Árula, sports is a priority activity. Swimming and water sports, racquet school, climbing, the competing teams we have… offer our students a quality opportunity for their physical development.

We believe in collaborative work, a model in which workers are involved for the common good and take an active part in the performance of the centre by doubling their efforts to offer the best service to students and families.

We can guarantee that EDUCATIONAL QUALITY is our raison d’être, seeking excellence in all our daily activities and offering our students the best of ourselves.

El compromiso, la implicación y el esfuerzo son valores que empapan nuestro trabajo diario, haciendo del capital humano nuestro mayor orgullo.

We offer complete and state-of-the-art facilities, several computer and audio-visual classrooms, workshops, laboratories and specific classrooms, digital blackboards and other computer and audio-visual equipment, psychomotor skills classrooms, the Guidance Department, a Family School, a complete range of extracurricular activities, a parental support service, the Music Academy… and much more (information about all this can be found on the website).


At Árula we are aware of how important safety is and, just as we want it for our children, we demand it for our students. We take care of our facilities and, in addition to the mandatory Emergency Plan, we have developed a Self-Protection Plan, giving the School an added value.

In case of possible emergencies, we have 8 first responders and more than 30 workers at the Centre have received First Aid training, including Infant teachers. We have first-aid kits at each section, a portable defibrillator, and an Emergency First-aid kit, and, in addition to an exhaustive food allergy monitoring, we also have an action protocol and a Centralised First-aid Kit with the emergency medicines that some students may need due to their special health conditions.

We work to ensure that the Centre’s coexistence rules favour a safe environment and therefore:

  • We plan the entrances and exits.
  • When monitoring playgrounds, we ensure the safety of our students and keep a close eye for any abusive behaviour that may occur.
  • We teach the youngest children to respect good manners and hygienic habits when eating and using the bathrooms.
  • We conduct a medical evaluation of the students in the competing teams.
  • We have a safety protocol for using the pool.
  • Internet connections that students may access in computer labs and other fixed locations have been appropriately restricted. We take the modern problems arising from the misuse of social networks such as cyberbullying very seriously and, therefore, we organise informative lectures and workshops on this subject for students and families.

Thus, our students feel safe and can peacefully enjoy their School.