Colegio Árula was founded in Alalpardo in 2007 thanks to the efforts of a group of teachers and administrative and service personnel who joined forces with the dream of creating a benchmark school in the area. The experience gained after building and managing a school from scratch, the spirit of self-improvement, and the strengthening of cooperation values among the teaching staff have given Colegio Árula a highly qualified team that, together with its numerous facilities, make it possible for us to educate your children with personalised and quality care. In recent years, the school has grown in resources, student body, experience, and, above all, in educational quality.

The future of the school depends on constant investment in the education of each and every one of our students, thus turning them into people capable of thinking and deciding on their development. Colegio Árula is established as a non-denominational, subsidised school that sees teaching as a service to the community. It is open to all types of students, where, within a suitable educational climate, the collective feeling of school community and the integral formation of students becomes a reality. We would like to highlight our commitment to ensuring that students achieve a high level of linguistic proficiency in other languages, to encouraging the use of new technologies, and to promoting the practice of sports among our objectives.