Dear families:

Our Colegio Árula website is our window to introduce to society a young -yet experienced-, solid, and enthusiastic Educational Project, featuring a team of professionals involved in the education of all the students attending the School, who understand that it is essential to foster the involvement of the families in the educational process of their children, actively participating in a constructive and positive way on a permanent basis.

Colegio Árula is a private subsidised school, which was founded in 2007 by a group of people part of a cooperative, who decided to bring a dream filled with educational experience and future to reality, with the purpose of building a 21st century school located in Alalpardo (north of Madrid), in which a lively, updated, and dynamic project is developed, paying special attention to the immersion in foreign languages as of the very First Cycle of Infant Education all the way to the international student exchanges in the final stages of education, as well as to the incorporation of new technologies at all stages.

We build the future every day, working to ensure that our students acquire the necessary skills and tools to help them find the path of their choosing.

The centre offers the services of a Guidance Department specialised in education, working both with students with educational needs as well as a constant support structure so that teachers and families can meet the needs that arise throughout the course.

The times we are living in compel all the members of the Educational Community to make a clear decision concerning the education we want for your children and our students, and the school lays the foundations for eradicating everything that is negatively affecting the evolution of children.

We all have to ask ourselves: Do we really want this society that we are living for our children? To change it, we have to start with the family and the school, and always through collaboration and constructive dialogue. Colegio Árula has the channels, the means, and the professionals in collaboration with the families, to achieve the goals established in the educational and personal field.



Ignacio Pardo Luzardo

Colegio Árula Headmaster