Colegio Árula has a team of people who work together with the students and their families, whose professionalism in each of the educational stages that are developed is one of our hallmarks, but that their most significant feature is their ongoing concern for their students, so that they can reach the appropriate maturity for each age and level and not only acquire the necessary skills, abilities, and tools, but also feel supported throughout their school life.

The teaching and non-teaching team at Colegio Árula ensures the safety and follow-up of its students as of the moment they join the school until they complete their studies.

Since its inception in 2007, we have been very clear that teacher training must be constant, not only as a necessity for educators in the 21st century, but also to improve the learning processes with our students every day.

We are a team of people committed to the values necessary for an education that helps build good people for tomorrow.