The team of people who work in the Infants Education stage at Colegio Árula help children become familiar with the school environment and have as their main objective the comprehensive development of all the student’s abilities (physical, intellectual, emotional, personal, and social) in completely safe spaces that are reassuring for the children and their families, through affection and positive discipline, with a daily and direct relationship with the families, where communication is fluid and constant.

The students explore the world around them and are the protagonist of their own learning through the recreation of knowledge-motivating experiences that respect the individual rhythm of each student. We want happy children and families who feel safe and confident because we care for their children according to their needs.

Since the time they start school, at 4 months of age, we encourage children’s creative spirit, curiosity, self-sufficiency and the development of sensory, linguistic, motor, and social skills through new ways of teaching, with more active and interactive methodological approaches that help students investigate and experiment. We work using a project-based methodology, which enables students to shape their own learning in a group setting.

From the age of 4 months, we apply emotional education to each of the areas we work on; we place great value on psychomotor skills and connect them with logical-mathematical content. We introduce the student to the second language teaching, English, progressively increasing the second language sessions throughout the Infant Education stage, so that the child can enjoy learning and works on oral expression through songs, games, and the recreation of everyday life situations: first-hand experience as the best way to learn.

The use of technological tools such as digital blackboards or tablets is a regular feature in the classroom to improve our teaching practice and promote more attractive and motivating learning for our students, to prepare them for the next educational stages.

In Infant Education we are committed to bringing students closer to new learning experiences such as cooperative work, the NBL methodology, values education, or by connecting activities with the multiple intelligence type in a classroom.

The Árula project extends our students’ education through playful and motivating activities that complete and enrich their education, such as: Swimming, yoga for children, Just fun and dance, German, Cre-art, story take the stage, and Learn with Lego.