At Colegio Árula, education is based on Four Fundamental Values:

Comprehensive Education

We advocate for a more comprehensive education for our students to develop all their skills: Not only knowledge, but also social, physical and emotional skills.

Attention to Diversity

We take care of our students in an inclusive and individualised way.

Social Engagement

We strive to teach thinking in coexistence, as citizens and proactive members who live and develop within a society.

Teaching in Freedom

We encourage respect for differences, critical thinking, interests, and the eagerness to improve, and provide the necessary tools to achieve autonomy in learning.

Our objective is to foster education on the basis of an active methodology, while achieving an exceptional academic level. To reach this goal, we rely on:

Active teaching

The students learn by doing, they are the protagonists of their learning process.

Ensuring socio-emotional balance

The focus and intervention in social-emotional education is essential for promoting the comprehensive development  of students.

Scientific approach

We train students in the procedures of scientific, reflective, investigative, critical, and creative thinking.

Respect for individuality and originality

Each student has a potential that needs to be discovered and harnessed so that they can develop it.

Building meaningful learning

These motivate them to develop critical, creative and autonomous thinking.

Learning with others

Learn to share learning and production spaces with other classmates.

All these objectives we have proposed would be impossible without the active involvement of families, establishing common criteria for action in the education of children. We want all members of the Community -families, teachers, students- to relate to the school, to consider it as their own, and to feel proud of the education they receive, the uniform they wear, and the way they are and feel at Colegio Árula.